How Independent Retailers Can Benefit From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can mean big business in the digital world these days, however it’s still quite new for many retailers and therefore not fully understood. There are a number of misconceptions surrounding the words ‘affiliate marketing’ but DON’T BE FOOLED BY ANY OF THEM. The magic we are able to create for businesses big and small really does speak for itself in my humble opinion. 

 What is affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing technique which basically involves promoting a retailer’s products or services in return for commission from each item sold. However, affiliate marketers must have a substantial audience in order to achieve the best results. The bigger the audience the more sales you are able to drive for whichever company you are trying to promote ….. which is where the dream team (A.K.A The Office Rocks) comes into play.

How affiliate marketing can compliment a small business.

In return for a small amount of commission, retailers who choose to join creative forces with us receive a HUGE amount of exposure across our social media channels. Yes it’s great that we are able to work for big branded companies across the nation, but what smaller independent retailers probably don’t always realise, is that they too are able to get in on all of the affiliate fun!

Building an audience from scratch as a small business is not a quick and simple process by any stretch of the imagination, so sometimes allowing social media experts such as ourselves to market your product to an existing audience can be a sure fire way to generate more sales than you could ever dream of.

The targeted approach that affiliate marketing offers is perfect for small businesses. It allows affiliate publishers to put your amazing product out there to people who will be as equally as excited about it as you are yourself. People who will appreciate it. And more importantly …. people who will BUY it. It’s not about throwing huge amounts of dollar about all over the big wide web. It’s about building a tailored campaign that is guaranteed to do what you set out to do. Drive traffic to your website and sell lots of products.

How can affiliate campaigns be tailored?

The best thing about affiliate and social media campaigns for a small businesses is that they can be tailored to suit your products. For example, we specialise in social media marketing, owning 19 different Facebook brands covering everything from weddings and home inspiration, to babies and getaways. Therefore It’s possible for us to tailor what sort of audience any particular product will be marketed to. It would be great to get your business marketed to hundreds of thousands of Facebook users, however, if you’re not being promoted to a target audience relevant to your own business, then you may not see great results.

In a world that now revolves heavily around social media, there is honestly no better place for small companies to start, and what affiliate marketing companies like ourselves are able to do is give them that little boost they need to get the ball rolling.

The results we are able to achieve for smaller independent retailers demonstrates a huge potential for social media marketing to increase sales, brand awareness and growth. And who doesn’t want to increase all of those things?

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