Achieving That Work – Lifestyle Balance

So I noticed this week has been national work – life week which is used as an opportunity for both employers and employees to focus on well-being at work.

Being employees at the Office Rocks, we’re fortunate that every week is work -life week for us lot. And that’s not me being really cheesy there by the way, It’s just that we have flexible working hours meaning It’s rare we have to make family or personal sacrifices in favour of our work.

Why flexible working works for us

Being a working mummy of three little ones herself, our managing director understands how difficult life can be when trying to balance your career alongside anything else in life. Our core office hours are 9:30am – 2:30pm, however any hours worked outside of this bracket can be worked either in the office or from home. Whichever is easier for the individual. You can imagine how helpful that is for us Rocks when it comes to school runs, after school clubs, parents evenings and so on. Not only that but it gives us opportunity to keep up with any hobbies we love such as keeping fit, life admin, socialising with friends and family and so on. The benefits we get from flexible working hours are absolutely amazing. It means there’s usually somebody online to contact all day and night for work related issues too which is a great perk for the business.

Tips for a better work – life balance

Whilst flexitime fits in perfectly with the nature of our business, we understand it wouldn’t work for everyone. There are some other steps both employers and employees can take in order to help each other achieve a better work – life balance though.

Leaving work at work may sound like the obvious one but It’s easier said than done! Being able to switch off once you get home is key.

Another great bit of advice is to take proper breaks during your work hours. And no eating your sarnie at your desk whilst having a quick chat with your work mate. That doesn’t count as a proper break! Get yourself away from the screen. Even better, use the legs God gave you and get yourself out of the workplace for half an hour. You’ll feel more refreshed and rejuvenated ready for the afternoon ahead. I promise! Yes  sitting down with your lunch at your desk and getting on with your work as you eat is tempting, but It’s definitely better to clear your mind and get some fresh air every now and again.

You might have noticed if you’re a follower of our Facebook page, we like to host small events in our office too which gives us little things to focus on now and again. We hosted our first Macmillan coffee morning last week which went down a storm. And our halloween plans are going to be BIG so watch this space.

Achieving the right balance between work and lifestyle is definitely possible. Hopefully this blog post will have inspired you to leave work on time today!

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