7 Reasons Tenancy Should Feature In Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

The very essence of performance marketing is that publishers are paid on results, so advertisers are able to easily and confidently report on ROI. If tenancy is an arrangement whereby exposure is paid for in advance can it really qualify as performance marketing? Perhaps not, but here’s why tenancy should still form part of your performance marketing strategy:

  1. Guaranteed Exposure

As a retailer planning a campaign it is not always easy to predict the traffic that will be driven regardless of how good an offering it is. Just because you put it out there doesn’t mean you’ll receive any exposure, even with a decent CPA offer. By securing a tenancy package in advance it can help to predict the traffic you’ll be able to drive to your website, and in particular can help to promote specific campaigns as needed in your overall digital marketing plan.

You can also share with us your branding guidelines and any key messaging to be used in the campaign.

  1. Value of Traffic

For some retailers our traffic is valuable, regardless of sales generated. If you’re looking to raise brand awareness amongst our audience then paying for exposure upfront could be a good option – it’s potentially much better value than some other channels.

If your products generally require consideration before purchase then it may be difficult to gain any traction in affiliate marketing, since without any sales there would be no CPA payments. Again, paid exposure could be the way to overcome this.

  1. Return on Investment

Any reputable publisher will offer you a post campaign report, and perhaps midway reports too, depending on the campaign period. These reports can help to justify the investment made in tenancy and can also inform future campaigns by looking at how the audience responds, which messages pushed them to click through and buy etc.

  1. Visibility

We offer all tenancy customers access to our Client Portal. This pulls through all paid for posts, with links directly to the live posts on Facebook. They can also be set up to pull through all non tenancy posts that are created during the campaign period, over and above those that are paid for in advance.

  1. Fees

‘Pulling a figure out of thin air’, ‘wishy washy vagueness’, ‘unsupported’ and ‘unsubstantiated’ are just some of descriptions I’ve heard for tenancy fees.  If this is how the cost of a tenancy package feels then it’s probably not the right package or publisher for you. Fees should be based on audience size, estimated reach and be realistic. You should also consider how niche the audience is; a smaller audience made up mostly of your target customers may be worth more than a larger audience made up of just about anyone.

  1. Partnerships

We view all our tenancy campaigns as partnerships – they have to work for both parties. Don’t forget publishers are businesses too. In our case to process and publish your one post there are a minimum of 2 people directly involved; the Partnerships Executive who processes your sale and books your post into our schedule and the Social media Executive who carefully visits your website to select the right product for the audience and thoughtfully writes a post to appeal to your target customers and encourage them to click through and buy.

We absolutely want to make your tenancy campaign successful. The best way you can help us to do this is to share your objectives in advance – this way we know what we’re aiming to deliver as a minimum and can monitor performance against this.

If we don’t think your campaign is right for our audience or channel we’ll tell you this upfront. We’d rather be honest now, in the hope that you’ll return to us one day with something that is suitable.

  1. Influencing

Many retailers still view influencer marketing as being different to affiliate marketing, and may even have different teams with different budgets looking after each. We see them as one and the same – At The Office Rocks we use social media to inform our audiences about your products and encourage them to click through and buy, often without the need for any discount or offer. Why not use some of your influencer budget to pay for your tenancy campaign, and utilise all the traffic and sales tracking that affiliate marketing benefits from?

For more information about our tenancy options available email us hello@tor.webwides.com

The Office Rocks End Of Season Round Up

I think It’s time we graced you all with another one of our end of season round ups. We know how much you all love hearing about our adventures, and with the Christmas season quickly becoming a distant memory, we thought now would be the perfect time to bring you all up to speed as we’ve had LOTS of exciting things to shout about recently.

So first things first, lets start by going all the way back to December when we celebrated another fabulous Christmas at The Office Rocks. Our annual Christmas photograph featured more than double the Rocks from 2016’s staple snap, who’d have thought our team could grow so much in just one year? Our Christmas night out consisted of bowling, karaoke and of course LOTS of food and alcohol. Oh we had the full whack! If there’s one thing The Office Rocks is renowned for, It’s throwing a good party, and our Christmas do definitely didn’t disappoint. A moment that will certainly go down in the TOR history books will be Laura Kemp (Head of Business Development) dressed up as Santa whilst dishing out our secret Santa presents. An image none of us have managed to shake from our heads just yet.

So once all of the Christmas craziness had died down, it was time for us to announce something EXTREMELY exciting we’d been working on behind the scenes for a while. You may have seen us posting about it on social media, but for those of you who aren’t aware, The Office Rocks is now the proud owner of online fashion boutique, What About This. Yes ladies you’ll LOVE our new clothing brand, the girls in the office are in their elements. It was a big step for us straying away from affiliate marketing for this project but we’re so happy with how well things are already going.

As you’ve probably worked out by now, there’s never a dull moment here at TOR HQ. Anybody who follows our Facebook page will have seen us celebrating with Prosecco breakfasts, Dominos pizzas, the full works last week. What was the motive behind a Prosecco breakfast I hear you ask? How else are you supposed to celebrate being shortlisted for small business of the year at the North East Business Awards? If you’re attending this year, make yourself known to us so we can enjoy some fizz together.

If that wasn’t reason enough to celebrate, our biggest brand Bump, Baby and You hit a huge milestone of 400,000 Facebook likes! What an achievement! So all in all, you could say It’s been another eventful season for team Office Rocks. But would you really expect anything less? Who knows what we’ll be announcing in the next round up.

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How Independent Retailers Can Benefit From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can mean big business in the digital world these days, however it’s still quite new for many retailers and therefore not fully understood. There are a number of misconceptions surrounding the words ‘affiliate marketing’ but DON’T BE FOOLED BY ANY OF THEM. The magic we are able to create for businesses big and small really does speak for itself in my humble opinion. 

 What is affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing technique which basically involves promoting a retailer’s products or services in return for commission from each item sold. However, affiliate marketers must have a substantial audience in order to achieve the best results. The bigger the audience the more sales you are able to drive for whichever company you are trying to promote ….. which is where the dream team (A.K.A The Office Rocks) comes into play.

How affiliate marketing can compliment a small business.

In return for a small amount of commission, retailers who choose to join creative forces with us receive a HUGE amount of exposure across our social media channels. Yes it’s great that we are able to work for big branded companies across the nation, but what smaller independent retailers probably don’t always realise, is that they too are able to get in on all of the affiliate fun!

Building an audience from scratch as a small business is not a quick and simple process by any stretch of the imagination, so sometimes allowing social media experts such as ourselves to market your product to an existing audience can be a sure fire way to generate more sales than you could ever dream of.

The targeted approach that affiliate marketing offers is perfect for small businesses. It allows affiliate publishers to put your amazing product out there to people who will be as equally as excited about it as you are yourself. People who will appreciate it. And more importantly …. people who will BUY it. It’s not about throwing huge amounts of dollar about all over the big wide web. It’s about building a tailored campaign that is guaranteed to do what you set out to do. Drive traffic to your website and sell lots of products.

How can affiliate campaigns be tailored?

The best thing about affiliate and social media campaigns for a small businesses is that they can be tailored to suit your products. For example, we specialise in social media marketing, owning 19 different Facebook brands covering everything from weddings and home inspiration, to babies and getaways. Therefore It’s possible for us to tailor what sort of audience any particular product will be marketed to. It would be great to get your business marketed to hundreds of thousands of Facebook users, however, if you’re not being promoted to a target audience relevant to your own business, then you may not see great results.

In a world that now revolves heavily around social media, there is honestly no better place for small companies to start, and what affiliate marketing companies like ourselves are able to do is give them that little boost they need to get the ball rolling.

The results we are able to achieve for smaller independent retailers demonstrates a huge potential for social media marketing to increase sales, brand awareness and growth. And who doesn’t want to increase all of those things?

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How To Grow A Facebook Audience And Keep Them Engaged

One of the the questions we often get asked by small companies and local businesses is how can they grow their Facebook audience and keep them engaged? And what a great question it is! After all, the more people you can reach on social media the more potential new customers you can attract. And who doesn’t love new customers?!

So I have put together a few of our top tips which we think will be an amazing starting point for you when beginning to grow your audience. We don’t believe that anybody should hand their social media accounts over to agencies or other companies who will charge you a mint. Let’s face it, nobody is as passionate about your baby as you are yourself, and that will hopefully shine through in your own posts!

Make your Facebook authentic

Make it personal and show off your personality. People like to see pictures of you and what you’re up to because let’s be honest, it makes things more fun! Don’t be afraid to inject some personality into your social media. Social media doesn’t have to be as time consuming as people think. Begin with one post a day as a starting point. It’s a known fact that Facebook favours quality over quantity. One good post in a day will generate much more reach than lots of pointless ones.

Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your content. For example, pictures and videos will stand out much more on peoples timelines than general text. Pictures will always be a winner because Facebook is such a visual website making it easy for text to get lost amongst all the hundreds of other friend updates we have constantly streaming in. Us personally? We always like to keep ours bold and colourful. You can see an example of something we would post on our Facebook page below. As you can see we like to make fun and bold statements in true TOR style! Find your tone and keep it real, relaxed and relevant.


Try out a few posts that might be eye catching for your audience and potential customers. You’ll quickly be able to identify which posts spur the most engagement and get yourself into a creative flow.

Use call to actions

There’s no harm in telling people to engage with your post. For example telling people to tag or share. It’s a great way to get people interacting which ultimately means your post will become visible in more people’s timelines. Viral’s and memes are always a winner when it comes to increasing reach and engagement. Competitions can be another great way of building your audience and getting people engaged. If you can offer a great prize which is relevant to your page or service that people would be interested in, then you’d soon have lots of people sharing and commenting to win.


Boost top posts

Boosting your top posts could be something to consider. If you have a post that has worked particularly well in terms of engagement and reach, then boosting it could help you reach even MORE people outside of your current audience. You don’t need a huge budget to do this but if you’d rather not pay for your audience growth then another top tip is to create Evergreen content.

Evergreen content is useful content that can be used over and over again. For example, it could be a blog post that links back to your website? Or a video or picture that gets people talking. Something that isn’t time sensitive and can be recycled. This is the perfect way to really get the most out of your content.

If you do have a blog on your business website, then don’t be shy to post recent articles onto your Facebook!

Make sure you like our page on Facebook to keep up to date with our antics!

Affiliate Marketing – An Introduction

When I used to hear the term “affiliate marketing” I pictured a confident American telling me how I “too could make $20k in your first month!” A stereotypical get rich quick scheme! Little did I know that this was one dark corner of the affiliate marketing world. The reality is much more credible and is actually happening without you even realising it.

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