The Office Rocks End Of Season Round Up

I think It’s time we graced you all with another one of our end of season round ups. We know how much you all love hearing about our adventures, and with the Christmas season quickly becoming a distant memory, we thought now would be the perfect time to bring you all up to speed as we’ve had LOTS of exciting things to shout about recently.

So first things first, lets start by going all the way back to December when we celebrated another fabulous Christmas at The Office Rocks. Our annual Christmas photograph featured more than double the Rocks from 2016’s staple snap, who’d have thought our team could grow so much in just one year? Our Christmas night out consisted of bowling, karaoke and of course LOTS of food and alcohol. Oh we had the full whack! If there’s one thing The Office Rocks is renowned for, It’s throwing a good party, and our Christmas do definitely didn’t disappoint. A moment that will certainly go down in the TOR history books will be Laura Kemp (Head of Business Development) dressed up as Santa whilst dishing out our secret Santa presents. An image none of us have managed to shake from our heads just yet.

So once all of the Christmas craziness had died down, it was time for us to announce something EXTREMELY exciting we’d been working on behind the scenes for a while. You may have seen us posting about it on social media, but for those of you who aren’t aware, The Office Rocks is now the proud owner of online fashion boutique, What About This. Yes ladies you’ll LOVE our new clothing brand, the girls in the office are in their elements. It was a big step for us straying away from affiliate marketing for this project but we’re so happy with how well things are already going.

As you’ve probably worked out by now, there’s never a dull moment here at TOR HQ. Anybody who follows our Facebook page will have seen us celebrating with Prosecco breakfasts, Dominos pizzas, the full works last week. What was the motive behind a Prosecco breakfast I hear you ask? How else are you supposed to celebrate being shortlisted for small business of the year at the North East Business Awards? If you’re attending this year, make yourself known to us so we can enjoy some fizz together.

If that wasn’t reason enough to celebrate, our biggest brand Bump, Baby and You hit a huge milestone of 400,000 Facebook likes! What an achievement! So all in all, you could say It’s been another eventful season for team Office Rocks. But would you really expect anything less? Who knows what we’ll be announcing in the next round up.

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The Office Rocks, End Of Season Round Up.

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