Social Media Mistakes To Avoid.

Social media can be a challenging game for some people, with all the different platforms out there these days and the ever changing algorithms, mistakes are easily made.

Here are some of the most common social media mistakes to try and avoid.

Dealing with negative feedback

Negative feedback is something all companies will have to deal with from time to time, It’s how they deal with it that’s important. When you see a negative comment or review about your business, It’s important not to reply going on the defensive trying to justify yourself, however much you might like to. Ignoring it also isn’t the correct way to go, if anything that will only anger the customer even more.

The key is to not to react but to learn from it. Use it as an opportunity to better yourself. I prefer to see negative comments as constructive criticism, so assuring them that you have taken their opinion on board and assuring them that the service will be much better next time is usually a good way to go.

Not having a human touch

Having a human touch is ALWAYS important when it comes to managing social media accounts. Facebook is a conversational and informal place, so take advantage of that and include light hearted content in your marketing plan alongside all the business related stuff. Make sure you engage with your audience and respond to all of their comments to add a more personal approach.

Don’t spend too much time being promotional

Your audience will soon get bored if you overdose on promotional posts. The users of Facebook don’t like too many advertisements or things that scream automated or spam. This ties back in with my previous point of the human touch. Keep things light hearted. Of course you are there to promote your business, but try and do so in a fun way from time to time.

Overthinking it

What people often do is start overthinking what to post. Confidence is key when posting, because who cares if one post bombs? At least it will give you a better idea of what your audience is interested in seeing and interacting with. There should be no fear in experimenting with your content and making decisions on what sort of posts you should be putting in front of your audience.

Trying to do too much all at once

And finally, stop trying to do too much at once. The chances are, your business doesn’t need to be on every platform at once. And you don’t need millions of posts going out on social media everyday. Quality ALWAYS over quantity and try not to spread yourself too thin. Always stay focused on your community and how you can continue to keep them as engaged as possible whilst growing your audience is the key point to keep in mind.

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Why Facebook Workplace Works For Us.

How much have you heard about Facebook Workplace? If the answer to that question is not too much then I can’t help but worry you could be missing out.

Facebook Workplace is still a fairly new site created by Zuckerberg and co to compliment the main site itself. And as the name suggests, yes it is very similar to the familiar Facebook platform. Partly the reason us social media marketers love it so much. So what is the Workplace version all about then I hear you ask?

What is Facebook Workplace?

Once you discover Facebook, there’s no going back that’s for sure. So It’s hardly surprising that lots of employers struggle with staff being constantly distracted by the site. They’re only human! SO a little over a year ago Facebook Workplace was born! The Workplace interface feels familiar to the original, however you are invited to join by your employer, and once you do, you are faced with only updates from your fellow team members.

How does it benefit our company? 

For most companies, Facebook Workplace eliminates distractions at work. It allows you to message, create groups and pages with with your colleagues just as you would on normal Facebook. However you do all of this without the distractions of your normal newsfeed filled with hundreds of other ‘friends’. You basically only have access to the pages of those who are in your own company which keeps everything moderately work related.

However, it actually benefits our company in different ways. Being a social media marketing company, It’s inevitable that most of us need to be on Facebook for work purposes, that’s never been a real issue for us. However, with us working flexi time hours, It’s sometimes difficult to keep track of those working weekends and evenings. Before Workplace was introduced into our lives, if we communicated to each other it was always via Facebook message. Work related or not. But one thing we feel extremely passionate about within The Office Rocks business you may have noticed is work – lifestyle balance.

If we were chilling in our PJs on a night casually scrolling through Facebook, and a work related message popped up, how difficult could it then become to switch off?

The great thing about Workplace for us is that we only need to be on there when we are working. Once we clock out anything that’s sent to us can just be picked up once we are back at work, with no pressure to address it in our spare time on our personal Facebook’s.

Are there any negatives of Facebook Workplace?

All in all Facebook Workplace has proved an effective productivity tool for our team. If you can use Facebook, you can use the Workplace version no training necessary which is always a bonus. Workplace has quickly become part of our everyday routine here at TOR and has been extremely beneficial to us. It could be a great way to boost productivity within your business, or if you’re a company similar to ours, it could really help staff when it comes  to achieving that work-life balance. We haven’t really stumbled across any negatives yet

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A Guide On How To Create A Facebook Group And Build A Community.

Not only is creating a Facebook group a great way of building a community for your customers on Facebook, but it could also be a sneaky way of getting past Facebook’s algorithm changes to ensure you are reaching your full potential target audience. Everybody knows Facebook is making it increasingly more difficult for businesses to […]

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Social Media Content Ideas To Keep Your Pages Fresh!

Do you ever feel like you’re getting yourself stuck in a rut when it comes to posting on social media? Do you feel like you are regurgitating the same old ideas? Well if this is the case then It’s likely your audience will soon grow tired of it too, if they haven’t already. The best thing you can do is mix things up a bit. Keep your content varied and exciting. But how would one do such a thing I hear you ask? Well social media is such a creative world screaming to be explored so why not take full advantage of all of its features. 

Turn a blog into a video. 

Do you have a work related blog to compliment your social media pages? If so then before you go ahead and begin typing up your next blog post, why not stop and think to yourself, could this be made into a video

? It doesn’t need to be a super professional looking video, just something filmed on your phone would be more authentic and relatable for your audience. The likelihood is, your audience would be more engaged and certain to stop scrolling for a second to watch. It might just add a nice unique touch to your page.

Facebook Lives.

Have you dabbled in the world of Facebook lives yet? They can be a great way of capturing your audiences attention. And rumour has it, the Facebook algorithm favours Facebook lives over any other forms of video and images these days meaning you could even be onto a winner if you’re trying to reach out to more customers on your business page. There is so much that could be done with Facebook lives. Giveaways, interviews, events, meet the teams. The possibilities are endless so don’t hold back from trying something new

Milestones and good feedback.

Has your company reached some amazing milestones big or small? Company birthdays? Special achievements? Social media is the place to shout about it. People have liked your page because they are interested in your business after all, so of course they are going to enjoy hearing about all of those things. Don’t be afraid to boast because you’re there to promote yourself after all. All of these things should be plastered on all of your social media channels. We also like to shout about our amazing reviews. They make us happy so why not?

Recycling old blog posts.

Are you worrying because you don’t have any new or exciting blogs in the pipeline? There’s no harm in recycling old blog posts. Especially if you know that it received lots of engagement the first time round. It will add value to your social media pages and is a great tip for those of you who want to start posting more regularly too. That’s why evergreen content  on blogs is so useful. It never goes out of date and readers will benefit from it time and time again, unlike time sensitive blog posts which don’t have a very long life span in terms of relevance.

Photos not strictly of your brand but portray the feeling behind it.

We say this time and time again, but posting out lots of promotional material on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can get boring. Posting out photos from behind the scenes will give your audience an insight to your office culture which is just as valuable. It makes your page more interesting and relatable. If you’re struggling for things to post don’t just post things for the sake of it. It’s absolutely fine to re-post content that isn’t your own. Even if it doesn’t have much to do with your brand but portrays the feeling behind it well. Just make sure you give credit where credit is due and you should be fine. We often share memes, videos and articles from other pages which we think would relate well to our own audiences.

So what are you waiting for? Experiment!

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Social Media Challenges Your Business Must Overcome.

There isn’t a business out there who wouldn’t benefit from social media in this day and age. Social media can be key for taking businesses to the next level, and although people may think It’s a walk in the park, there’s a LOT more to it than you’d initially expect.

With Facebook often changing It’s algorithm, and often not in the favour of business pages, It’s becoming  increasingly harder for us to grow, reach and interact with our target audiences. We face new challenges with social media every day but do we let that stop us? No of course not! Because the benefits of social media ALWAYS outweigh the negatives. So here are some of the most common social media challenges you should expect to be faced with at one point or another, and some tips on how you may be able to overcome them.

Knowing which social media platform to use.

Businesses should not feel like they have to spread themselves across every social media channel that they could possibly get their hands on. Think about what platforms your customers and target audiences are using. If they’re not going to be there, then don’t bother. For example when Snapchat first came on the scene, lots of businesses felt the need to jump on board, putting time and effort into something that wasn’t giving much reward. It’ll be much more useful for you to put every ounce of effort into one or two platforms that you know will 100% be worth your time and investment. That way you’ll allow yourself to get much more from social media without spreading yourself too thin.

Improving a decline in organic reach.

Changes in Facebook’s algorithms are constantly making it more difficult for businesses to reach out to potential new audiences and gain a reasonable amount of organic reach on their posts. Some helpful tips to start practicing would be to favour quality over quantity when it comes to posting on your Facebook page. Don’t be afraid to cut down on the amount of posts you put out to your audience daily. You definitely don’t want to be posting things just for the sake of it. Make sure each post adds some value to your audience and don’t forget to tag relevant brands in your posts where possible. One thing we always like to spend some time doing on our company pages is inviting people who engage with our posts to like our Facebook page from there. That will help grow your audience.

If you don’t already use video content on your pages, then it might be useful for you to start. Video has dominated Facebook in terms of reach for a while now, even more so than pictures and links, so it might be a good idea to add this into your content strategy. Facebook live videos are favoured even more still.

Getting people to engage.

Does getting people to engage with your posts sometimes feel like pulling teeth? Well don’t worry that’s something we all go through. You’re certainly not alone. Don’t be afraid of the good old trial and error technique until you get a good vibe of what’s working for your audience and what’s not so much. For each platform, there are different times of the day when you can expect users to be more active. When it comes to posting on Facebook, we tend to find we get more engagement in the evenings from about 5 or 6pm which is something to be mindful of. It may be a good idea to experiment with the times of day you are posting as well as the actual content itself.

Things like competitions and virals are another sure fire way of getting people excited. As soon as you offer to give one lucky winner something away for free, people are practically fighting to share your posts to enter! Sharing posts with call to actions encourage people to share, like and comment on your post, rather than just scrolling straight past for it to get lost in the news feed.

Creating original content. 

People often lack confidence when it comes to posting on their business social media pages because they aren’t sure what exactly it is they are meant to be posting, or what tone they should be adopting. Do I keep it strictly business so I can be taken more seriously? Should I make it fun and humorous to keep people more engaged? I personally feel like there’s nothing wrong with having a mix of both in there. People love variety! Yes make sure you are promoting your business in a professional way, but when it comes to Facebook, your audience love to see your personality coming through in your posts. Let your customers see pictures of behind the scenes in your office day to day life, let them get a feel of your office culture. And more importantly, let them get a feel of YOUR personality. Make it visual where possible. Get into the habit of taking pictures at every work event, meeting or social event. After all, Facebook is still a very visual website so It’s best to stand out!

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The Office Rocks End Of Season Round Up

I think It’s time we graced you all with another one of our end of season round ups. We know how much you all love hearing about our adventures, and with the Christmas season quickly becoming a distant memory, we thought now would be the perfect time to bring you all up to speed as we’ve had LOTS of exciting things to shout about recently.

So first things first, lets start by going all the way back to December when we celebrated another fabulous Christmas at The Office Rocks. Our annual Christmas photograph featured more than double the Rocks from 2016’s staple snap, who’d have thought our team could grow so much in just one year? Our Christmas night out consisted of bowling, karaoke and of course LOTS of food and alcohol. Oh we had the full whack! If there’s one thing The Office Rocks is renowned for, It’s throwing a good party, and our Christmas do definitely didn’t disappoint. A moment that will certainly go down in the TOR history books will be Laura Kemp (Head of Business Development) dressed up as Santa whilst dishing out our secret Santa presents. An image none of us have managed to shake from our heads just yet.

So once all of the Christmas craziness had died down, it was time for us to announce something EXTREMELY exciting we’d been working on behind the scenes for a while. You may have seen us posting about it on social media, but for those of you who aren’t aware, The Office Rocks is now the proud owner of online fashion boutique, What About This. Yes ladies you’ll LOVE our new clothing brand, the girls in the office are in their elements. It was a big step for us straying away from affiliate marketing for this project but we’re so happy with how well things are already going.

As you’ve probably worked out by now, there’s never a dull moment here at TOR HQ. Anybody who follows our Facebook page will have seen us celebrating with Prosecco breakfasts, Dominos pizzas, the full works last week. What was the motive behind a Prosecco breakfast I hear you ask? How else are you supposed to celebrate being shortlisted for small business of the year at the North East Business Awards? If you’re attending this year, make yourself known to us so we can enjoy some fizz together.

If that wasn’t reason enough to celebrate, our biggest brand Bump, Baby and You hit a huge milestone of 400,000 Facebook likes! What an achievement! So all in all, you could say It’s been another eventful season for team Office Rocks. But would you really expect anything less? Who knows what we’ll be announcing in the next round up.

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How Independent Retailers Can Benefit From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can mean big business in the digital world these days, however it’s still quite new for many retailers and therefore not fully understood. There are a number of misconceptions surrounding the words ‘affiliate marketing’ but DON’T BE FOOLED BY ANY OF THEM. The magic we are able to create for businesses big and small really does speak for itself in my humble opinion. 

 What is affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing technique which basically involves promoting a retailer’s products or services in return for commission from each item sold. However, affiliate marketers must have a substantial audience in order to achieve the best results. The bigger the audience the more sales you are able to drive for whichever company you are trying to promote ….. which is where the dream team (A.K.A The Office Rocks) comes into play.

How affiliate marketing can compliment a small business.

In return for a small amount of commission, retailers who choose to join creative forces with us receive a HUGE amount of exposure across our social media channels. Yes it’s great that we are able to work for big branded companies across the nation, but what smaller independent retailers probably don’t always realise, is that they too are able to get in on all of the affiliate fun!

Building an audience from scratch as a small business is not a quick and simple process by any stretch of the imagination, so sometimes allowing social media experts such as ourselves to market your product to an existing audience can be a sure fire way to generate more sales than you could ever dream of.

The targeted approach that affiliate marketing offers is perfect for small businesses. It allows affiliate publishers to put your amazing product out there to people who will be as equally as excited about it as you are yourself. People who will appreciate it. And more importantly …. people who will BUY it. It’s not about throwing huge amounts of dollar about all over the big wide web. It’s about building a tailored campaign that is guaranteed to do what you set out to do. Drive traffic to your website and sell lots of products.

How can affiliate campaigns be tailored?

The best thing about affiliate and social media campaigns for a small businesses is that they can be tailored to suit your products. For example, we specialise in social media marketing, owning 19 different Facebook brands covering everything from weddings and home inspiration, to babies and getaways. Therefore It’s possible for us to tailor what sort of audience any particular product will be marketed to. It would be great to get your business marketed to hundreds of thousands of Facebook users, however, if you’re not being promoted to a target audience relevant to your own business, then you may not see great results.

In a world that now revolves heavily around social media, there is honestly no better place for small companies to start, and what affiliate marketing companies like ourselves are able to do is give them that little boost they need to get the ball rolling.

The results we are able to achieve for smaller independent retailers demonstrates a huge potential for social media marketing to increase sales, brand awareness and growth. And who doesn’t want to increase all of those things?

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The best social media campaigns of 2017

The power of social media is growing greater by the second there’s no denying that. It’s a huge part of the world we live in these days and what a great world it is for all of us digital marketers! 

When you get social media right, the rewards can be huge. And for all of the MASSIVE companies out there, when you get it wrong, well those consequences can be huge too as a few discovered the hard way last year!

Here are some of my favourite social media campaigns from 2017 which seriously got everything spot on in my personal opinion.

Marc Jacobs – Tweet Shop

Marc Jacobs had a genius idea for their social media campaign. They allowed their customers to buy perfume from them using social media as their currency. Clever hey? So one tweet, Instagram or Facebook post during Fashion Week was worth one free sample of his Daisy perfume.

During New York fashion week, all of the big social media platforms were littered with mentions of the new fragrance. My only question is, why didn’t I think of social media currency?!

Worldwide Breast Cancer – Know your lemons 

Another fab social media campaign in my opinion was the ‘know your lemons’ campaign by Worldwide Breast Cancer. They cleverly put together a fun and catchy social media campaign using the hashtag #KnowYourLemons.

They turned an otherwise extremely serious subject into something a little more fun. The catchy hashtag allowed people to share their personal stories and even better still, allowed Facebook and Twitter to share lesser – known warning signs of Breast Cancer.

As a result of this bright idea, Worldwide Breast Cancer exceeded their fundraising target by a whopping 317%. What an amazing result.

Spotify – New Years Resolution campaign

Another one of my personal favourites would have been the Spotify campaign over the New Year. The leading music streaming site had the quirky idea of plastering the world in billboards. The campaign was so successful because as predicted, people were taking photos of the billboards and sharing them all over social media.

The online music streaming company was using its data to tell the humorous stories of its users and to share optimism for next year.

“From the music that brought us together to the quirks that make us individuals, Spotify’s data once again provides a unique perspective on culture and music moments,” said the company in a release.

The signs say things like: “2018 Goals: Be significantly less proficient at goodbyes. ‘Too Good at Goodbyes.’ Streamed over 910,925 times in London. (Sam Smith)”, “2018 Goals: Exercise more conventionally than 46 people who put ‘Slow Hands’ on their running playlists (Niall Horan),” and “Hit the dance floor with the person who made a playlist called “Daddy Pence Come Dance.” Anything with a bit of humour will always get my vote!

Air B&B – #LiveThere campaign

Air B&B have provided us with the perfect example of a social media campaign done right! Following some extensive research which showed that most of air B&Bs customers chose the sight because they wanted to experience life living like a local in the cities they visited, the company launched their #LiveThere campaign.

The campaign ended up being HUGE. And if you follow their Instagram account then you will have seen the amazing photos taken by both users who have stayed in particularly amazing properties and photographers who have captured breathtaking views and images from properties all over the world. All images included a perfectly worded description describing the area, and to be honest, just generally made me want to pack up my bags and head there immediately every time!

Their campaign video received over 11 million views on Facebook. 56,000 likes and 5,200 comments. Amazing work!

Buzzfeed – Tasty Campaign 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have DEFINITELY seen Tasty’s videos dominating Facebook. The Facebook page has hundreds of millions of followers, and I for one can’t get enough of it! After Facebook changed their algorithm last year to favour videos, Tasty took full advantage by creating this page filled with quick and easy recipe videos for mouth watering goods!

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Confidence in Posting on Social Media

One of the main things that comes up in every Academy session I run, is confidence in posting. It’s what people seem to struggle with most, even if they do have an amazing business, product or service behind them!

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An Intro To The Office Rocks Academy!

Only two years ago in the Summer of 2015, we were sat in our MD’s playroom, (TOR’s very first office), dreaming about the day when we would be able to call ourselves a digital marketing agency. The company started as an affiliate marketing publisher, working with retailers to promote their products through our social media brands and websites.

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