Christmas In July? Why Not!


Last week, Team Office Rocks had the pleasure of attending Christmas in July, a festive showcase of Christmas gifts all under one roof for the press and media to sample.


It was an early start (up at 4 am) but we were raring to go and very excited to meet so many retailers, especially those we are already working with but haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet.

Upon arrival, we promptly ordered a Gett Taxi – as attendees we had been given a £30 credit to cover our travel to and from the venue. Having never used the Gett app before we were unsure as to how easy this would be as free stuff is often too good to be true. Much to our surprise, a taxi arrived within 3 minutes and our credit was used to pay for the fare – AWESOME!

This is what we were greeted with…a stunning Christmas scene, hand snow sprayed by the very talented Tom from Snow Windows. Even more impressive learning that Tom has a fear of heights AND had to spray this on backwards – I can’t even get my head around that.

From stepping foot inside Victoria House it felt like Christmas! The smell, the decorations and of course these beautiful roller skating elves. I was very jealous of the red roller boots – ha!

The choice of venue was excellent! Large, white with that slightly unfinished basement look. Rather than one big room, there were lots of separate areas to wander around and explore meaning that it never felt too busy or noisy.

Our first stop was the Cool Trends zone where we discovered COZMO, your very own real-life robotic pet with a mind of his own! This is absolutely going to be on the top of many Christmas lists.

Not only is he able to play games and learn new skills but he also has face recognition technology which means that he can learn your face and remember you and all of your past interactions! It really does work too. Once I told COZMO my name and showed him my face he was able to look at me and know that I was Laura. I’m not going to lie, when he said “hello Laura” my heart actually melted a little.

It really does work too. Once I told COZMO my name and showed him my face he was able to look at me and know that I was Laura. I’m not going to lie, when he said “hello Laura” my heart actually melted a little.

COZMO is set to retail at £199.99 and will be released in September so watch this space.

After the Cool Trends zone it was time to head on over to the part I had been looking forward to the most…the Naughty & Nice Treats zone, eeeeek!

This is where we met the AMAZING Pleese Cakes, run by two painters and decorators who LOVE cheesecake. Pleese Cakes was founded by Joe who had been making cheesecake for friends and family for a couple of years and finally took the plunge to turn his passion into a business. And believe me when I say that these weren’t any old cheesecakes – they were THE BEST I have ever had. I tried both the salted caramel and the Ferrero Rocher and they were both to die for.

Not only were the cheese cakes amazing but the team couldn’t have been more accommodating. I was overwhelmed by their amazing success story and their humble attitudes. I truly hope we get to meet the guys again in the future – I have no doubt that they are going to be HUGE!
After we had stuffed our faces we got to meet the lovely Harj from My 1st Years who had invited us along to the show – we wouldn’t have known about it without her so thank you Harj ? We’ve been working closely with My 1st Years for over a year now and have to say that they are one of the nicest clients to work with. Not only are their products absolutely adorable, AMAZING quality and the perfect fit for our audiences but the team are also passionate about what they offer and are constantly striving to achieve more.

We were lucky enough to be gifted with an exclusive personalised Christmas gift bag (pic to follow as they are currently being delivered) a further example of how they go above and beyond to please their customers. Thanks again Harj!

Firebox is is one of our firm favourites for quirky gifts (often unicorn based!) on our pages so we were thrilled to see them there with some of their goodies on show. The highlight was getting to pick a gift from the mystery box – every gift had been ‘crap wrapped’ by a member of the Firebox team. I still can’t quite believe that it is actually someone’s job to ‘crap wrap’ orders for customers – brilliant!

Of course, we couldn’t resist having our photo taken with the giant unicorn too. I did try to climb on one side but it wasn’t going to happen!

The general consensus was that we need one for the office – apparently you can never have too many inflatable unicorns.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better we came across the most beautiful display by The East India Company – totally kicking myself for not taking a photo now but we were too busy enjoying the taste sensation journey we were taken on by their lovely product manager Raphaella. I was overwhelmed by her passion for what she does and of course the amazing flavours we experienced!

The rest of the day didn’t disappoint either – from luxury cashmere to Christmas spiced candles and Christmas pudding vodka! We were absolutely spoilt for choice.

As a business this is the first time we have ever attended an event like this and we can safely say that we will be back again next year. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet so many different retailers in one place and to have the opportunity to sample before we promote!


Want to find out more about how we can promote your Christmas products? We’re already planning our seasonal exposure (it’s never too early) so drop us a line here.





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