Caitlin Moore

Social Media Executive

"I’m sorry for what I said when I wasn’t eating dairy. "


Nickname: Moo Moo

In another life I would be: Beyonce

Dream holiday: A 2 month long American Road Trip.

Item I can’t live without: Dairy

In my Oscar’s acceptance speech I would thank: My Granda for always being my role model and keeping me right from such a young age. My Mam for doing an amazing job at raising me on her own!

My hidden talent is: Selling on Ebay

Cats or dogs? Dogs every time!

The last thing I did that pushed me out of my comfort zone: Facebook Lives… even though I’m shy.

My guilty pleasure is: Dairy

If I had a superpower it would be: Mind Control

I’m known in the office for… Hoarding the Tea towels and cutlery, messiest desk, hiccups, cracking my back and being dairy free (sometimes)