Content Editor


Katie’s Office Rocks journey began when she joined our Bump, Baby & You Facebook group as an expectant mum. It wasn’t long before Katie put herself forward as a volunteer admin for the group and started submitting amazing ‘real life’ blogs for other mums to be to read. Katie’s wonderful writing style and ability to research everything to the nth degree meant that she was offered the opportunity to become an official Rock and join us as a Community Assistant and Content Writer for BBY. In August 2017 Katie took over as Content Editor for the BBY website, helping to grow our amazing community of blog writers and providing invaluable content for our audience.

Nickname: I go by Katie or Kate, never been fussed! Fanny Annie to my mum… cringe!

In another life I would be: A Chef!

Tea or coffee: Tea, especially chai.

Item I can’t live without: My phone, my entire life revolves around it embarrassingly…

In my Oscar’s acceptance speech I would thank: My parents for letting me just get on with things and make my own mistakes (and my own triumphs).

My hidden talent is: I can write backwards as easily as I can write normally – mirror writing! I also have a particular proficiency for falling over fresh air…

Cats or dogs? Cats or dogs or cats or dogs. I like them both really.

The last thing I did that pushed me out of my comfort zone: Going live on the Bump, Baby & You group, I hate my accent and seeing my mug on screen haha.

My guilty pleasure is: Obscene animated American comedies… Rick &  Morty, South Park, Family Guy, American Dad etc.

If I had a superpower it would be: Metamorphosis, so I would never have to pay for my hair to be done again or need to diet! One blink and BOOM, new hair and no sign of takeaway podge.

I’m known in the office for: Constantly apologising for daft stuff and getting into a flap, and then apologising for getting into a flap.