Head of Operations

"Life is like a box chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get..."


Leeanne joined the team in September 2017 bringing with her a wealth of operations, recruitment and management experience. She’s responsible for making sure the Office Rocks on a daily basis by making sure the team are happy.

I’m mammy to 2 little people who my absolute world.  I’m a huge fan of Take That, Wine, Eating, Skinnypigs (helps with the previous 2) and enjoying myself.

In another life I would be: Gary Barlow’s wife

Tea or coffee: Prefer coffee but I do love a cup of tea the same colour as He-man

Dream holiday: Maldives in a hut in the middle of the sea

Item I can’t live without: My lashes

In my Oscar’s acceptance speech I would thank: My hubby, mam and dad awwww

My hidden talent is: Turning my arms around the wrong way (I’m double jointed)

The last thing I did that pushed me out of my comfort zone: Coming into the affiliate world which I’m now a little obsessed with

My guilty pleasure is: Cadbury Dairy Milk and Creme Eggs

I’m known in the office for….. Drinking a pint of wine after losing at Wine Pong at TOR BBQ