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Experts in building brands and engaging audiences, SUNDERLAND based content marketers The Office Rocks have cultivated a number of online communities including the Bump, Baby & You brand which has now become a major player nationally and is one of the largest digital communities in the UK mother and baby arena.

With the founder and Managing Director, Laura Middleton at the helm, The Office Rocks creates and delivers successful and highly targeted marketing campaigns to maximise brand exposure, traffic and sales for their clients.

Now the team at The Office Rocks, the parent company behind the sale of e-commerce business WHAT ABOUT THIS (WAT) are sharing the skills, experience and knowledge from their very own exceptional growth trajectory to support other businesses through their ecommerce consultancy service.

North East based activewear brand Amazing Jane are one of their clients reaping the benefits of this consultancy service. Amazing Jane is owned by Debra De Luen and Claire Goodliff; who met and bonded over their passion for helping women understand how amazing they are (pun totally intended).

Debra De Luen, Co-Founder at Amazing Jane said:

“We were working with hundreds of women every week, both in my previously owned ladies only gym Club Zest, and through Claire’s thriving community fitness business. We’d see women come to our classes; self-conscious, lacking in confidence, and mostly throwing on anything they could to cover up their body. 

There is actually a theory known as enclothed cognition, which describes the influence clothes have on the wearers behaviour.  Essentially, if you put something on that makes you feel nice, you’re more likely to actually do the activity you are dressed for. We absolutely knew the key to more women being active, and reaping the benefits of it, was to make them understand just how amazing they actually are. Our clothes do just that.”

Although the concept of Amazing Jane had been around for a number of years, the company officially relaunched in November 2020 in the height of the second lockdown. Unfortunately, the company got off to a rocky start due to a number of external factors, which led to serious doubts as to whether or not to persevere with the concept.

Claire Goodliff, Co-Founder at Amazing Jane said:

“We knew the concept and ethos was spot on but unfortunately, we received some bad business guidance from previous parties which led us up completely the wrong path. We also had issues with sourcing the right company to produce the activewear range to our specifications on how the clothes needed to fit and we were really close to throwing in the towel so to speak.”

Claire added:

“We came across The Office Rocks, and from that very first meeting with Laura it’s been a total game changer and things have really turned around, with sales hitting as soon as we started to implement her ideas.”

Laura Middleton, Managing Director, The Office Rocks said:

“Amazing Jane is a really vibrant and passionate company with a strong community ethos at its heart. Unfortunately, they were given some bad advice in the early months, and this really knocked their confidence. They’ve got a great concept and there are so many opportunities to further build their already amazing community and reach even more people.  I look forward to supporting them further on this exciting journey.”


Checkout the Amazing Jane here.

Gary Harfield

Gary Harfield

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