Confidence in Posting on Social Media

One of the main things that comes up in every Academy session I run, is confidence in posting. It’s what people seem to struggle with most, even if they do have an amazing business, product or service behind them!


A few weeks ago, before our fabulous work trip to Ibiza, I jumped onto one of the social media brands we own to help us get ahead with the schedule. Now believe it or not, I sat there for ten minutes absolutely bricking it! I hadn’t posted on one of our pages since my role changed and I had this sudden panic of ‘uh-oh, I can’t do this, what if I post something wrong and no one likes it’, but after the first two posts I was back into the swing of things and in my comfort zone.


The most frequent question I hear is ‘but why would anyone want to read what I have to say on social media?’. That’s very similar to the feeling I had, so I completely understand where it comes from and how daunting it can be. Firstly, remind yourself that you’re posting your content to an organic audience that has chosen to ‘like’ your page, they want to hear from you, they want you to engage with them. Secondly, in order to grow the audience, you need to be posting content that they can engage with. So every time that thought may enter your head, just think, every post you do will help to build your brand. And as time goes on, you’ll notice that that thought doesn’t even enter your head anymore!  

Always remember that you can’t post anything on your page that is ‘wrong’. Well, unless you’re posting something that is highly offensive, which of course you’re not going to do! It can be hard to get the right mix of content on your page and naturally some posts will always get far more engagement than others. Don’t feel disheartened if you have some posts that don’t reach too many, it’s unavoidable. Learn from this and think about next time you do a similar post, what could you change to try and improve it? It’s all about playing about with your posts and learning what your audience engages with. Also learn from the posts that do really well! Take screen shots of them, that way if you’re having a confidence dip, you can look back on posts that have done well and you can remind yourself that you can do it! I remember I once posted something on a page, I didn’t really think much of it, but before I knew it the post had taken off and we had over a 2 million page reach on a page which only had around 40,000 likes! Talk about a confidence booster…


So… what’s one of the best ways to approach the confidence issue?

Think of your social media page the same you would if you had a shop, studio, cafe or whatever it might be. Let’s take a cafe for example. If a customer was to walk into your cafe, would you stand behind the counter, looking shy, hesitant to start conversation and not have confidence in the products you’re selling? No, you definitely wouldn’t! You would chat with your customers, you would have absolute faith in your products and you’d make recommendations to the customers of what they should order. You would promote your special offers; that might be a fresh baked cake for that day only. So when thinking of it like that – why should you treat your social pages any different? I get it, easier said than done, but if you can apply the same confidence to your social media pages that you have day to day in your business, you’ll be flying!



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