An Intro To The Office Rocks Academy!

Where did the Academy come from?

Only two years ago in the Summer of 2015, we were sat in our MD’s playroom, (TOR’s very first office), dreaming about the day when we would be able to call ourselves a digital marketing agency. The company started as an affiliate marketing publisher, working with retailers to promote their products through our social media brands and websites. Our smaller retailers often asked us to give them tips on how to run their social media channels and could we help them. It was at this moment that we realised that we were on to something and wanted to be able to help other businesses grow their online presence following our success. At the time, we didn’t have the manpower, so it became a goal we one day wanted to get to. Never was it imagined we would get there so quickly. Fast forward two years to the Summer of 2017, and we have launched our Academy.


The ‘playroom’ – our new office is much tidier though!


What is the Academy?

The Academy is the new division of The Office Rocks, which focuses on coaching and mentoring businesses through increasing their online presence – primarily focusing on social media campaigns. We are firm believers that as a business, you should try and keep as much as possible in-house rather than outsource it. No one is as passionate about your business as you and your employees. That’s why we’ve built our Academy around you and your business, delivering sessions that are tailored towards your needs. We don’t manage your social for you but we’re there to support you every step of the way, while most importantly, you keep control of it all. As cheesy as it sounds, we live and breathe social media and get such a kick out of being able to pass on our knowledge and expertise in a way that’s simple for you to understand and implement.  

We like to describe the Academy as a whirlwind, it transforms your digital approach and empowers you to move forward with the confidence to take your online presence to the next level. We know time is a big issue within businesses, so we keep the sessions short and sweet but full of useful content. Every session results in you having a monthly content plan for digital areas of your choice. Every plan is broken into bite-size chunks, to make the whole process less daunting, and very achievable. There’s nothing worse than setting unrealistic goals. We want you to leave our session feeling motivated and raring to go!


Who looks after the Academy?

With the launch of the Academy, an old rock rolled back into town… Chloe Page. Chloe first started working for TOR back in its start-up days, working over the many different social media brands we own. She then left to pursue her degree, whilst gaining experience at Lexus’ head office working in the digital marketing team. But the bright lights of London weren’t enough to keep Chloe away. When she heard the dream was about to become a reality, she couldn’t return to the rocks quick enough to run the Academy. Chloe brings with her a wealth of experience, know-how and passion, which makes her the perfect person to take our clients through the Academy in a supportive and unique way to The Office Rocks. Chloe loves being able to step into someone else’s business and look at it from a fresh perspective, she genuinely really enjoys it and it comes so naturally to her. It’s safe to say you know when Chloe is in the room! Her enthusiasm is incredibly infectious – there’s no way you’ll be able to resist jumping head first into your Academy sessions!

Can you guess which one Chloe might be on our team pic?


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